being one of the market leader in the textile and fashion industry, VEMB – with a variety of exclusive fabrics – promises up-to-date international designs and styles to its customers. available in plains, solids, dobbies, colour woven, prints and yarn-dyed, the fabrics capture the essence of a quality lifestyle. whether for casual wear or formal wear, the brand has unique shades, blends and textures to suit every occasion. the wide range of fabric blends – polyester cotton blended, polyester viscose blended etc. – ensure that there’s something in store for everyone.

a well-made suit/trouser speaks sophistication, luxury and elegance. but what makes a well-made suit? a superior-quality fabric. VEMB has a variety of fabrics that promise perfectly crafted suits which look classy, every time. after all, the latest range of international fashion and designs are made with special blends of finer counts of polyester/cotton twill, polyester/wool, polyester/viscose, lycra, cotton/linen and 100% cotton. each fabric comes with unique qualities such that they ensure durability, comfort, style and resistance.

polyester viscose

viscose, a form of rayon blended with polyester makes for a supple and soft flowing fabric. feeling comfortable against the skin, poly viscose also ensures an elegant look.

polyester wool

with high damage resistant qualities of wool and polyester, this blended fabric is unarguably strong. also, the fabric is perfect for suits and ensures comfort during the summers.

polyester cotton twill

a blend of cotton and polyester, the fabric is strong, easy to maintain and perfect for summer wear!

cotton linen

both cotton and linen being breathable fabrics, the blended fabric maintains air circulation and cool for the wearer’s comfort. the cotton linen fabric, with crease resistant properties and a crisp look, makes for a durable blend.

lycra blend

with synthetic fibres that ensure elasticity, a fabric blended with lycra gets the perfect degree of stretch. the lycra fibres also maintain a crease free fabric and less water retention properties, making it a suitable choice for sports and swimwear.

whether formal or casual, a shirt needs a well-woven fabric to reflect the charm of its fit and design. VEMB lifestyle has a range of fabrics, with subtle weaves that maintain style and comfort, both. with a range of men's clothing designed to not only look good but feel good too. VEMB has been clothing people globally for over a decade, adapting to the changing needs of every new generation while delivering the distinctive quality standards that have become a hallmark of the company. we experiment with a wide range of designs and colours for shirts in cotton, linen & different blends suitable for formal and casual wear, available in plains, solids, dobbies, colour wovens, yarn dyed and prints.

soft & light weight, our range of cotton shirting provide breathable comfort and style perfect for smart work wear or light summer garments in a vast selection.


each strand of fabric here is dyed to perfection before the actual fabric is woven. yarn dyed cotton fabrics have uniformity in terms of tones and shades of colors. each thread is evenly coated with color, so that the finish is impeccable and quality, top notch.


naturally white colored hybrid varieties of cotton, really stand out as they are unadulterated by any chemical process. these are comfortable to wear and have a personality to themselves.


plain-woven textile made from unbleached and often not fully processed cotton, the fabric is far less fine than muslin, but less coarse and thick than canvas or denim. it gives a rustic look owing to its unfinished and non-dyed appearance.


linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. linen is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.

known for our quality oriented approach, we have been engrossed in offering an exclusive collection. fabricated in tune with the current trends & advancements, this fabric is broadly treasured owing to its skin friendliness and elegant Look.

yarn dyed

each strand of fabric is given a beautiful color coating before the actual fabric is woven. yarn dyed polyester cotton fabrics have uniformity in terms of tones and shades of colors. each thread is evenly coated with color, so that the finish of the end fabric is of superlative quality.


polyester cotton whites are a mix of hybrid cotton whites and white colored polyester threads. the end product is a lustrous fabric with cotton-like comfort.


unbleached cotton and polyester blend together to give that authentic look of fabric, this treatment is unadulterated to the core.


end-on-end (also fil-à-fil) is a type of closely woven, plain weave cloth created by the alternation of light and dark warp and weft threads of polyester and cotton, resulting in a heathered effect.

we are engaged in offering a wide and exotic assortment of polyester shirting. we manufacture polyester shirting fabrics, made on high speed auto shuttle looms, using best quality yarn with features of anti-pilling, shrinkage control, colour fastness, durability and soft hand feel.


unbleached and often not fully processed polyester, this fabric gives a rustic look owing to its unfinished and non-dyed appearance.


these are high quality polyester fabrics that are comfortable, especially for summer wear. white colored hybrid varieties of polyester, really stand out as they are unadulterated by any external chemical process.

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