about us

VEMB lifestyle llc ventured into the vast world of fashion, furnished with high-standards of quality and a flair for innovation. VEMB’s resolute grip on these principles, has steadily crafted the brand into one that is a force to reckon with.

since 2006, VEMB lifestyle has distinguished itself among designers and fashion houses, with its array of unique products. what makes our products stand out, is our deep understanding of what makes the perfect item of clothing. while finding the precise blend of lines and colours is essential, an impeccable garment requires a superior fabric with the right texture.

contact us

VEMB lifestyle llc
zainal star bldg.,shop no.4,
behind sun city hotel, near dubai museum,
wholesale textile market,
po box - 115462
dubai (uae)
phone: +971 4 397 6044
email: info@vemb.ae